1. Charts and Transparencies
About 1000 Charts and Transparencies for various laboratories.
Models -
Boiler & Boiler Accessories Models
Cut Sectional Models of I.C. Engines
Models of Simple Mechanisms
Models of Brakes
Models of Clutches
Pairs of Cam & Followers
Engineering Drawing Models
Models for Applied Mechanics Lab.

2. Theory of Machines / Dynamics Lab
Theory of Machines Theory of Machines
Motorised Gyroscope
Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
Universal Governor Apparatus
Coriolli's Component of Acceleration Apparatus
Whirling of Shaft Apparatus
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Vib - Lab
Journal Bearing Apparatus
Michel Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus
Epicyclical Gear Train & Holding Torque Apparatus
Slip & Creep in a Flat Belt Apparatus
Transmibility set - up

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig
Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig
Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig
Multy Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig
Air Compressor Test Rig
Air Blower Test Rig

4.Steam Lab
Non IBR Boiler
Steam Turbine Test Rig

5. Tool Dynamometers
Tool Dynamometers Tool Dynamometers
Lathe Tool Dynamometer – 2 component or 3 component
Drill Tool Dynamometer
Milling Tool Dynamometer
Grinding Tool Dynamometer

6. Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics
Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics
Reynold’s Apparatus
Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
Flow Over Notch Apparatus
Orifice & Mouthpiece Apparatus
Venturi meter & Orifice meter Apparatus
Losses in Pipes Apparatus
Pipe Friction Apparatus
Impact of Jet Apparatus
Free & Forced Vortex Apparatus
Metacentric Height of Ship Apparatus
Flow Visulisation Apparatus
Heleshaw Apparatus
Tilting Flume

7. Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics
Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
Gear Pump Test Rig
Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig
Kaplan Turbine Test Rig
Francis Turbine Test Rig
Hydraulic Ram

8. Heat Transfer Lab
Heat Transfer Lab Heat Transfer Lab
Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder
Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod
Two Slab Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Apparatus
Composite Wall Apparatus
Lagged Pipe Apparatus
Specific Heat of Air Apparatus
Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Apparatus
Heat Transfer in Forced Convection Apparatus
Pin - Fin Apparatus
Heat Pipe Apparatus
Emmissivity Measurement Apparatus
Stefan Boltzman Apparatus
Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
Drop wise & Film wise Condensation Apparatus
Two Phase Heat Transfer Apparatus
Unsteady State Heat Transfer Apparatus
Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

9. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Trainer
Air Conditioning Trainer
Mechanical Heat Pump
Ice Plant Trainer
Water Cooling Tower

10. Control Engineering
Control Engineering
Oil Hydraulic Trainer
Pneumatic Circuit Trainer
Pneumatic Servo System

11. Experimental Stress Analysis
Experimental Stress Analysis
12” Diffused Light Polariscope
Accessories for Polariscope –

 • Oblique Incidence Attachment
 • Telemicroscope
 • Model Cutter
 • Model Polisher
Reflection Polariscope
Stress Freezing Oven
Rosette Strain Gauge Set-up

12. Instrumentation - Measurement
Instrumentation - Measurement Instrumentation - Measurement
Temperature Measurement Trainer
Thermocouple Trainer
Thermister Trainer
Speed Measurement Trainer
L.V.D.T. Trainer
Strain Gauge Trainer
Rosette Strain Gauge Set-Up
Inductive Pick-up Trainer
Capacitive Pick-up Trainer
LDR Trainer
Torque Measurement Trainer – Strain Gauge Type / Non contact type
Force Measurement Trainer
Level Measurement Trainer
Vibration Measurement Trainer
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester

13. Basic Eletronics
Basic Eletronics
4 Bit Binary to Gray code converter 4 Bit Asynchronous Up-On Counter
Single Stage
R.C compled Amplifier
Op-Amp Adder
Zero Crossing Detector

14. Industrial Drives Lab
Industrial Drives Lab
Micro Controller based Stepper Motor Controller
( Half step Control, Full Step Control, Direction (Clockwise/Anticlockwise) control & Speed Control )
D.C.Motor Speed Control ( Open Loop & Close Loop )
Universal Motor Speed Control
Micro Controller based D.C.Motor Speed Controller (Modes – On – Off & Proportional) Step Up Chopper
Step Down Chopper
Half wave Converter
Full Wave Converter
Half Wave Converter ( Three Phase )
Full Wave Converter ( Three Phase )

15. Reliability Lab
Reliability Lab
Component Testing Equipment for
Clutch & Brake Springs Rediators
Shock Absorbers